【NEWS】プログレッシヴ/デスコアバンドBorn Of OsirisのギタリストLee McKinneyがソロデビューアルバムから新曲 “A Neverending Explosion” のギタープレイスルー動画を公開

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[Photo by: Lee McKinney/Facebook]

イリノイ,パラタイン出身プログレッシヴ/デスコアバンドBorn Of OsirisのギタリストLee McKinneyが “A Neverending Explosion” のギタープレイスルー動画を公開しました。この曲は3/29にSumerian Recordsからリリースされるソロデビューアルバム「Infinite Mind」に収録されます。以下プレイスルー動画をチェックして、ぜひ感想を聞かせてください!


1. A Clock Without a Craftsman
2. Amanuensis
3. Rising Tide
4. The Sun and the Wind
5. A Neverending Explosion
6. Astrolabe
7. Truthsayer
8. Infinite Mind





もしまだチェックしていなければ、最新シングル “Skylasher” がYouTubeで聴けるからチェックしてみて。

Hello everyone! I just want to let you all know that I am officially writing and recording my solo album. It’s been tempting to not embark on this journey earlier in my life, but I finally feel like I’m ready for what this responsibility actually is. I’ve been playing guitar for 18 years, and touring for 11 of them, but it wasn’t until this past year that I could finally say ‘I’m READY.’ I’m ready to write it, perform it properly, teach it and the list goes on. So here is what I know as of now – It should be 8-10 songs. Most of the album will be seven and eight string guitars. I’m considering having a guest solo or two. Considering I will be performing this album ideally in full, I’m also hesitant to have too many ‘guest’ appearances. I’m beyond excited to start this monumental part of my life and career. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. To everyone that has wished I released more videos, content, and things of that nature – this next chapter is for you. If you haven't already, you can check out my only currently released single ‘Skylasher’ on YouTube. – @brittisaacsonphoto #LeeMcKinney #KieselGuitars

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