【NEWS】メタルコアバンドThe Word AliveのフロントマンTelle Smithがライヴで複雑骨折

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[Photo by: telletwa/Instagram]

アリゾナ,フェニックス出身メタルコアバンドThe Word AliveのフロントマンTelle Smithが昨夜のライヴで複雑骨折していたことをInstagramで明かしました。Smithは怪我が治るまでに6週間かかるが、今行っているI Prevail, We Came As Romans, Escape The Fateとのツアーをキャンセルすることはないと語っています。




Last night in Los Angeles I suffered a compound fracture during our last song. Casted up for 6 weeks with physical therapy on the horizon, but I don’t plan on missing any shows. I’m going to try to perform while sitting down, so if you’re coming out to the remaining dates please go twice as hard for me. Unfortunately I don’t have health insurance as well, so if you want to help just grab something from my clothing line (resistandrebel.com) my jewelry line (nevertakeitoff.com) or click the link in my bio! Thank you to all my family and friends who have reached out or who were there for me last night. I’m thankful it wasn’t worse! I’ll be back and stronger than ever in 2018

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