【NEWS】元Crown The EmpireのボーカリストDave Escamillaが新バンドBad Fortuneを結成、デビューシングル “Save Me” を公開

Published On 2017年12月3日 | By admin | NEWS, TOP PICKUP

[Photo by: @andrei_restrepo/Dave Escamilla/Instagram]

今年はじめにCrown The Empireを脱退したボーカリストDave EscamillaがPaul Bartoloméと共に新バンドBad Fortuneを結成、デビューシングル “Save Me” を公開しました。以下ストリーミングをチェックして、ぜひ感想を聞かせてください!


Go jam the first single that Paul and I put out! The link is in my bio. And ALSO, Paul and I did this purely for fun and wanted to see how well we work together creatively. This doesn’t mean we’re dropping an album and this isn’t our permanent “sound”. I just mainly wanted to introduce my fans and friends to Paul’s voice and showcase more of my other abilities as far as writing, recording, and mixing. Hope you guys enjoy! @badfortunemusic @paulbartolomemusic

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